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[Shortly after this...]

With a box of supplies and occult paraphernalia, plus the handy-dandy "Complete Idiot's Guide to Vampires," Voodoo and Kenny make their way up to Kenny's room -- which, to be honest, is kind of a mess. There are piles of clothes everywhere (to the naked eye, they aren't obviously separated into 'dirty' and 'still wearable'), and open packages of snacks are stashed away in every corner.

Apparently the Oompa Loompas haven't made their cleaning rounds yet. Either that or they don't want to touch this apartment with a ten-foot pole.

"Excuse the state of things," Kenny mutters as he locks the apartment door behind them, and gesturing to Voodoo to put the box down on a clear patch of what seems to be a table.

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And, you know, Voodoo obliges. "Yeah, no kidding," he says, setting the box down as he glances around the room. Then: "-no offense, I mean." He takes the contents the box out one by one, organizing them by type. "So we - got some kinda plan of attack here, or are we jus' throwin' shit at the wall and see what sticks?"

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"...does it hafta be garlic?"


"'cause I don't know 'bout you New York boys, but garlic's always tasted like ass to me."

He looks over Kenny's shoulder. "How about the holy symbols first? I mean, you know some...some chants, right?"

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"Other than inducing a feelin' of practiced apathy?" Voodoo shrugs. "Not a thing."

Beat. He picks up the pirate ship wheel Wheel of Dharma pirate ship wheel, rolling it around in his fingers.

"You think that might mean I'm just a really - spiritually disconnected vampire?"

Hey, one man's Epileptic Trees are another's perfectly rational scifantastical explanation, okay?


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