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OOM: Kenny's room

It's inside the bar.

And Kenny can move fast if he wants to. Oh, yes, he can.

"Lou!" Tommy calls as he chases after him. "Jeezus Christ, Lou, it's just me!"

Kenny reaches his apartment and shoves the key into the lock with a severely shaking hand. Eventually he gets the door open and ducks inside, away from what's chasing him, away from what's invaded his mind and seeped into his bones.


Tommy slams his shoulder against the door before Kenny shuts it on him. For a few moments there's a struggle, each man pushing from either side.

"Go away!" Kenny shouts angrily. "You're leading him here!"

"Bullshit!" Tommy snaps. "You know I ain't! This's freaking me out, too, y'know! Lemme in!"

"Go away!"


A sudden draft sweeps through the hall.

Both men start to cough. It distracts them enough so that Tommy is able to push his way into the apartment, and he slams the door behind him and turns all the locks.

Catching their breath, they look at each other, wondering how it ever got to this point.

"Sorry," Kenny huffs, shaking his head and running his hands through his hair. "I don't know--"

Tommy waves a hand. "Never mind," he says. Finally, after a while, he ventures, "What're we gonna do?"

Kenny looks around the room a little blankly. "Barricade ourselves in?"

With a blink, Tommy shrugs. "Okay."

They start to drag stuff across the floor toward the door, starting with the dresser.

"I don't know why we didn't think of this before," says Kenny, pushing while Tommy pulls. "If we're going to reclaim what bit of sanity we had before this all happened, we'll have to do it together."

"Right," Tommy agrees. "And with heavy furniture."

"Exactly. Heavy furniture is an impediment to all."

Grunting, they bring the dresser to a stop against the door.

"What else?" says Tommy.

"Chairs," Kenny replies, and he goes off to drag a couple chairs over. He and Tommy prop them up at angles against the dresser. "That should do, I think."

"Awesome," says Tommy, and they both sink to the floor, their backs against the wall, facing each other.



"We forgot food."

Tommy gapes at him. "How long d'you think we hafta stay in here?"

"I dunno!"

"And you, of all people, don't have food stockpiled in your room?"

"I have food for me, but I don't have food for you. I wasn't exactly expecting to play 'Survivor: Milliways' tonight, you know."

"Oh, and you're not gonna share?"

"Jesus, fine. We'll divvy up half a package of Oreos, a bag of fun-size chocolate bars, and a box of Cheez-Its."

"That is what we have to live off of?"

"Look, do you want to eat or not?"

"Okay, okay."

They both exhale a deep sigh.

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Don't turn around.
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They sit there with the backs of their heads propped up against the walls, caught between wakefulness and drowsiness. Neither of them wants to fall asleep. Not here.

"Tommy?" Kenny murmurs after a while.


"Can you get the Cheez-Its?"

Frowning, Tommy picks his head up. "Uh, get 'em yourself."

"But you're closer to the nightstand."

"Which is right over there."

"Just get them, okay? I'm getting nervous, and you know I get hungry when I get nervous."

"Why're you nervous?"


"Okay! Christ. Ya big baby."

With a bunch of grumpy old man noises, Tommy gets up onto his feet and crosses the short space between where he'd been sitting and the nightstand.

The cold spot gives him pause.

He glances toward the windows, toward the far corners of the room, where there are deep shadows. The light of one small lamp does nothing to dispel them.

Tommy quickly opens a drawer, grabs the Cheez-Its, and hurries back to Kenny, shoving the box into his hands. He crouches down across from him instead of sitting.

Meanwhile, Kenny shovels a handful of crackers into his mouth in an effort to calm his nerves.

They both know that it's gotten colder in here.
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The corners of this room sure are dark, aren't they?
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Tommy's knee starts to bounce with anxiety. "Okay, where's your Oreos?"

"Under the bed," Kenny replies, munching away.

"Under the bed?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Fuck that. Now we're out half a pack of Oreos 'cause I ain't checking under the goddamn bed."

"Oh, who's the big baby now?"


"You shut up--"

"What was that?"

"What was what?"

Kenny stops chewing; Tommy's knee stops bouncing. Their nervous gulps are audible in the silence.
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Tiny orange crackers go flying all over the place as Kenny tries scrambling to his feet. He fails spectacularly.

"Wait! Where are you going?!" Tommy hisses in a sharp whisper, grabbing for him and falling forward. On top of him.

"Get off me!"



"These crackers are sharp--"

Kenny reaches up and grabs the closet doorknob and yanks it open--



"Goddammit, Lou!" Tommy's rubbing his brow where the edge of the door caught him, and now-- "What're you doing--"

"Get in here, get in here! Quick!"

Tommy crawls into the closet after Kenny and the door slams shut.

Silence. And darkness.

"Shit!" Kenny whispers.

"Now what?"

"My Cheez-Its are still out there."


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A dark shape moves in front of the closet.

He stops.
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The thin shaft of light beneath the door becomes partially darkened.






There may be flailing and desperate clutching at each other in terror, but neither man will admit to that if they get out of this intact.
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"I'm never going to experience the taste of brownies made with French fudge ever again," Kenny whines.



"You're thinking about brownies at a time like this? Brownies?" Tommy hisses.

"Don't judge me! It's the only thing that's keeping me from being scared! Except for the part about not ever tasting them again, but yes! Brownies! The mere thought of them brings me joy!"

"You gotta be shittin' me."

"And waffles! Mmm, now there's a happy thought. Chocolate chip waffles, a whole stack of them, with virgin maple syrup cascading down its sides--"

"Wait, there's virgin maple syrup?"

"I don't think so, but the idea is nice, isn't it?"

"...Yeah, actually."

"Is that your hand on my leg?"

"Okay, you're seriously wondering if it's my hand on your leg while there's a creepy thing lurking just outside this door? What the hell happened to the virgin maple syrup?"

A long pause.

"I'm pretty sure that's your hand on my leg, but you're right, virgin maple syrup trumps all."

"Jeezus Christ, we need to get outta here..."
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Still he waits.

Though there is something...something simple and good...that prevents him from reaching out.
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The shadow lurks just beyond the door, they can still see a shape obscuring the strip of light. But for some strange reason, it doesn't feel so cold inside the closet anymore.

And it's not just because Tommy's got his hand on Kenny's leg. It's too dark to tell anyway. Shut up.

"Red velvet cupcakes with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles on top."

"Cut it out, Lou."

"No, it's working for me. Sunshine's cinnamon rolls, the ones that're as big as your head, dripping with gooey frosting right out of the oven."

"...Okay, yeah, I can see where you're coming from."

"Kate's spiced peaches."

"Alright, now hang on, don't even go there--"

"Find your happy place, Tom."

"I don't have a goddamn happy place."

"Well, make one up, for Christ's sake!"

It couldn't hurt to try.
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He tilts his head.
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Tommy wracks his brain. As far as he's concerned, happiness is in the past, and the past is always painful, and the pain never goes away.

"Sex!" he blurts out.

In the darkness, Tommy can't see Kenny shaking his head.

"Well," Kenny says, his voice above a whisper as they both grow bolder, "that's a start. Now, keep thinking along those lines. Homemade ginger pumpkin bread with a brown sugar glaze!"


"Almond and hazelnut cookies dipped in Nutella!"


"...You could change it up a bit."

"I'm workin' with what I know, alright?"
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...if he had a tongue, he'd be tsking right now.
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"Molten chocolate cake with a side of coffee ice cream!"

Tommy flashes back to his wedding day-- how beautiful Janet looked in her gown, how his heart swelled and his knees buckled at the sight of her. The day Colleen was born-- how absolutely tiny she was, how he'd sing her Beatles songs and she'd fall asleep in the crook of his arm.

"Italian-style cheesecake drizzled with raspberry puree!"

Taking Connor to his first major league baseball game-- Yankees versus the Red Sox, just like how his own dad took him when he was his age.

"I can't hear you, Tommy!"


"You really have a problem, my friend."

"Hey, sex is my happy place, okay? Although a close second is your devil's food cupcakes with the peanut butter frosting in the middle."

"Why, thank you. You're too kind."
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They aren't afraid.

He is confused by this.

They're too busy bickering to be afraid.


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"You want a happy thought?" says Tommy. "I got a happy thought for ya. Graduating from the Academy and getting assigned to 62 Truck. Now that is a goddamn happy thought, huh?"

"Best happy thought in the history of happy thoughts," Kenny agrees heartily. "Joining the Fire Department was the best thing I ever did in my life. No regrets, sir, no regrets."

"You got that right. We're on the best crew, in the best house, in the best goddamn city in the entire goddamn world."

"You're preaching to the choir, buddy! FDNY forever!"


The chanting may continue for a while.
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He retreats.

There's better prey to be found.
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"Look, Lou, look--"

"FDNY! FDN-what?" Kenny trails off.

"The shadow's gone."

And without the chill, it's gotten ridiculously stuffy in this closet.

They sit there for a few more moments, staying completely still, before Tommy reaches up and carefully turns the doorknob.

The door creaks open.

Cheez-Its litter the carpet.

Finally, both Tommy and Kenny scramble out of the closet. They drag the chairs propped up against the dresser away, and set to work pushing the dresser itself aside.

"You know what, Tom?" says Kenny between grunts of exertion.


"That thing totally made me forget that I'm afraid of the dark."

"Tchyeah. I didn't wanna mention it or else you might've really pissed yourself."

"You're so considerate sometimes."


They move the dresser far enough to get the door ajar. Kenny squeezes through (with Tommy pushing), and they stumble out into the hallway.

There's no need to discuss anything now -- they just need to get out of Milliways, and go back home, and stay there, until this whole thing blows over.